DSLR’s for Beginners

Designed to get you and your camera out of auto mode and help you make a huge leap forward in your photography.  We’ll give you the confidence to pursue your passion, understand your camera features and introduce to you to a range of techniques to improve your photography skills.

From getting to grips with shutter speed, apertures and ISO, to understanding histograms and depth of field, you will finally have the confidence to take control of your camera settings.  During the day we’ll cover focusing, metering, exposure control, lens choice, amongst other things.  In short, you’ll learn all of the essential techniques to operate your camera properly, giving you the skills to start taking better photographs.

Whether your aim is to practice and develop your skills as a keen amateur, or if you plan to eventually pursue a career as a professional photographer, your journey starts here.

Beginners guide to using your SLR camera

Learn how to shoot amazing winter wedding images using available light and off-camera flash. Part theory, part working with a bride and groom on location you’ll learn how to overcome the challenges that winter weddings bring.

Taught by top wedding photographer Mike Garrard, during this specialist course he will explain how you can prepare for winter weddings, what equipment he takes and why, and most importantly how to use that equipment to maximum effect.

The afternoon shoot session is held at Hedsor House where you will practice indoor portraits using both continuous lights and off-camera flash. During the shoot Mike will demonstrate various lighting accessories such as grids, speed light soft boxes and video lights.  After the shoot you’ll head back to the studio to further explore how images can be enhanced using post-production editing tools such as Adobe Lightroom.

It does not matter whether you shoot with Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fuji or any other brand. We are teaching the fundamentals of off-camera lighting which can be applied to any system.  In order to keep up the pace of the shoot and not lose time changing equipment, you will use Mike’s camera and flash system with your own memory cards (you get to keep your shots).  Of course, you are welcome to bring your own gear too and if required we will help you find any of the settings that match our set-up on the day.