Lightroom Essentials

£150 + VAT | 1 day

Take your photographs to the next level, giving you the confidence to finish your images to magazine quality, using Adobe Lightroom.

If you’re confused by editing and post-production techniques, or if your images look a little flat then this is the Lightroom training course for you.  We’ll teach you how to give your work the sparkle and pop it deserves.

Using Adobe Lightroom, we’ll start the day by teaching an efficient, time-saving workflow that will become the backbone of your post-production technique.  With a firm grasp of the software we will move onto the creative side and teach many techniques to help your images come to life using the wide range of tools the software has to offer. 

The whole day is held at our studio in a relaxed and informative learning environment, where we encourage questions and discussion all day.



A perfect paced day, even for my little brain! I had a great time and will be back for more soon.

Sophie Wright | 2016

I thought Ben did an amazing job of covering everything Lightroom has to offer in one day, I really took a lot away from the day. Thanks everyone.

Brian de Luca | 2016

Thank you for speeding up my workflow by a million percent! Can't believe how much I didn't know, great course.

Jack Cannon | 2015