Academy Light

£1,800 + VAT | 3 Months

A scaled down version of our 12-month course, The Academy, this program runs over 3 months and offers some of the same great benefits.

This course is part group workshop and part 1-to-1 mentoring to ensure the best of both learning experiences.  You start by selecting one of our 3-day Wedding Workshops to attend, and then we arrange assignments, private mentoring and a real wedding for you over the three following months. Here’s a little more detail on each of those elements:


3-Day Wedding Workshop

Included within the course fee is one of our ever-popular Wedding Workshops.  Take a look here for more details, but you simply need to select a date from an available course and this will be your starting point for the Academy Light.  This course will cover the following over the three days:

  • –  Camera settings, technique and shooting styles
  • –  Two practice wedding shoots covering light, composition and posing
  • –  Digital editing skills using Adobe Lightroom 
  • –  Practical advice to help get your business off the ground and achieve bookings



After the workshop we will set you a series of assignments for you to take on in your own time.  They are designed to help you continue your understanding of light, and working with people. After each assignment we will have a 1-to-1 Skype call (approximately 1 hour), to review your shots and talk about how to improve further. 


Real Wedding

After completing the assignments you will shoot a real wedding alongside one of our team to further your portfolio, but crucially to help you learn in a more real and pressured environment.  This will be one of the highlights of the course and a great learning experience.

After the wedding we will have a 2 hour Skype to review how you did, go through your images together and talk about what improvements can be made.


Ongoing Support

During the 3 months of your course you’ll also have the ability to ask any questions by email to help make the most of your time with us. At the end of your schedule Skype calls we will summarise your individual areas to continue working on and provide an action plan for the next steps.


The Academy Light is a great program to give you a lot more personalised help than just attending a workshop.  The fees are £1,800 + VAT and it is broken into six payments of £300 + VAT.  Two are made before the start of the workshop, and the following four are made monthly, beginning the month after you begin the course. 

Please get in touch if you have any more questions.