DSLR and Mirrorless Camera for Beginners

£225 + VAT | 1 Day

Designed to get you and your camera out of auto mode and help you make a huge leap forward in your photography.  We’ll give you the confidence to pursue your passion, understand your camera features and introduce to you to a range of techniques to improve your photography skills.

From getting to grips with shutter speed, apertures and ISO, to understanding histograms and depth of field, you will finally have the confidence to take control of your camera settings.  During the day we’ll cover focusing, metering, exposure control, lens choice, amongst other things.  In short, you’ll learn all of the essential techniques to operate your camera properly, giving you the skills to start taking better photographs.

Whether your aim is to practice and develop your skills as a keen amateur, or if you plan to eventually pursue a career as a professional photographer, your journey starts here.

Beginners guide to using your SLR camera